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"Harnessing the Power of the Internet...
...for Local Businesses"
About Us:
What is Arlington Mall.Com?
When most people think of the Internet, they think global. World-wide. And that's great. But...
When was the last time you ordered a pizza from a restaurant in China?
Not very practical? You're right! The international nature of the Internet is great for communicating with far-off relatives and friends. Purchasing from a mail-order firm. Or helping your child research a homework assignment.
But what happens when you need a plumber? A new sofa? Carpeting? A good Tex-Mex restaurant? A doctor? A car?
Or that all-important pizza with extra cheese?
What then???
This is what Arlington Mall.Com was designed for. We are dedicated to using the Power of the Internet to help you to find products, services and stores in our local community. Businesses located in or near Arlington, Texas and other nearby communities in the dfw metroplex.
So you can find pizza on Cooper. Rather than China.

Local Discounts!
Everybody likes to save a little money now and then. So, in order to make Arlington Mall.Com more beneficial to you, we are asking all of the participating stores to offer some kind of Internet discount or special to visitors of our Mall.
You will be able to see some of these discounts & specials in our upcoming Coupons section, where you will be able to browse, print, and use discounts and coupons from various local shops and restaurants right here in our community!
Just another way for us to say "thank you" for coming by and visiting us now and again!

Our Community!
We feel that being a part of our community is not just about doing business. So we have worked to create an extensive "Community" Section, where you will be able to find helpful information about local news and events, as well as links to numerous city agencies for many of our local communities.
This will also include helpful links to various Tarrant County agencies, local school districts, and Texas departments. We are also including other links which may be useful to you, such as current road closures for the area, and new resident information.
We also added local weather information, including links   to current satellite and doppler radar images of our area. Many of us know people who were hit hard by the recent tornados that touched down in Arlington and Fort Worth.
We are not some souless national company from up north.
We care about this community. We have to - we live here!

There you have it. Arlington Mall.Com. A great place to find local products, services and companies! A great way to get discounts and save some money! And a great site to check out the latest events in our community!
With Arlington Mall.Com, you can have the convenience of "one-stop shopping" for all your local needs. Finding local stores just a "click" away. Think of us as a better, on-line version of that "other" place on Cooper near I-20....
Except without all the traffic and parking!
Keep checking back with us...there's even more good stuff to come at Arlington Mall.Com!
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